My name is Jennifer and I am a chef and the owner of Chef at Heart. I live with my family in beautiful Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.

Cooking was not my first career but it has always been my passion and in 2007, I decided it was time to take my love of food to the next level and pursued a culinary education. It was then that I launched Chef at Heart, a personal chef service. I worked on the business part-time while also working on and developing my skills. In addition to Chef at Heart, I spent time working as a member of the banquet staff at a local resort, and almost two years as a cook at a local bistro named one of the top best buys in the Where to Eat in Canada Guide, Canada’s National Restaurant Guide. It was also during this time that I was diagnosed with several food allergies. Needless to say, that has made cooking (and eating) a challenge. I have always believed in healthy eating but having to change my diet drastically since my diagnosis has meant I have had to learn new, fresh ways to prepare meals that are delicious and don’t leave me envious and drooling over everyone else’s plate.

Chef at Heart started out as a personal chef service providing a personalized culinary service in your home. Now, five years later, we have changed our focus and expanded to not only be able to provide customized meals made in your home, but also a menu planning service, grocery shopping, cooking lessons, and culinary advice and services for those with special dietary requirements.

I believe everyone should enjoy food and be able to indulge from time to time regardless of their diet or dietary issues. It is my hope that everyone will find something on Fireside, the Chef at Heart blog, to make, eat, and enjoy.

Welcome to Fireside with Chef at Heart.

To visit our website, click on the following link: Chef at Heart.

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