A Slow-Cooker Day: Maple Chipotle Pork and Beans

Maple chipotle pulled pork and beans aBetween the gold medal hockey game and the Olympic closing ceremonies today, there is little or no time to be spending the day in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner. Thankfully, I planned ahead and dinner is taking care of itself in the slow-cooker while I sit glued to the tv screen.

Tonight’s dinner is pure comfort food: maple chipotle pork and beans. The original recipe from Newfoundland Rock Recipes can be found here, but with one vegetarian in our house and my desire for a slow-cooker recipe, I did adapt the recipe somewhat.

I soaked the beans one day (and night) ahead and made everything up yesterday, leaving it in the fridge overnight so I could get up early this morning, turn the slow-cooker on, and let it simmer (on high) all day today. To keep part of it vegetarian, I cooked the meat in one pot then cooked the onion, garlic, and the sauce in a second pot. I then divided the beans into two slow-cookers, split the sauce, and added the meat to only one portion. The smell in our house is incredible and I must admit I have already sampled the beans and the flavour is outstanding. I highly recommend you try the recipe whether you adapt it or not.

Maple chipotle pulled pork and beans vegetarian
The vegetarian version half-way through the day and the cooking process.

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