Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread
Sweet Potato Bread

Not everyone is a master chef, but we can all add our own individual touches to any recipe and make it our own.

One of the foods I play around with the most is bread. When I first began to follow a gluten free diet, I was desperate to find a gluten free bread that even slightly resembled real bread. One that didn`t have a funky aftertaste, or crumble to pieces when you bit into it. I cannot tell you how many recipes I tried but there were many failures along the way. Eventually, I found a few recipes that were ok but they weren`t necessarily in the form I wanted. This recipe for sweet potato rolls by Free Eats for example, had great taste and I loved the idea of adding a vegetable to my bread, but I wanted a sandwich bread more than a recipe for buns or rolls. 

So I played with the recipe (using my favourite all-purpose gluten free flour mix and eliminating the orange zest) and began to bake it in different ways. In the end, my favourite way was to split the dough into two 9×9 square pans for baking. When they were baked and cooled, I cut each pan of bread into four squares and ended up with eight servings perfect for making sandwiches. This is now my go-to sandwich bread and it freezes beautifully so I always have some on-hand.

Sometimes making one little change to a recipe makes it perfect for you and makes it all your own. Don`t be afraid to play with your food. Good things can happen.


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