Roasted Cauliflower Soup

What do you do when you’re stuck in the house thanks to a snow and ice storm? If you’re me, you make a hot pot of soup.

ImageYesterday, we were fortunate enough to have had our first Christmas get-together with family before the storm hit (with the exception of a few who were hit with the storm a little early and couldn’t make it), so our house was full of people and of course platter after platter of fabulous holiday treats. Knowing that it will just be a couple more days before the next celebration, we are trying to keep tonight’s dinner on the lighter side. So given the storm outside, the chill in the air, and our house full of leftovers, soup seemed like the perfect solution.

Some time ago, I stumbled upon this recipe for a cauliflower soup that uses roasted cauliflower and garlic with bacon. Yum! Thankfully, I stocked up on groceries before the storm and had all the necessary ingredients to make the soup this morning. The only adjustment I made to the recipe was to use olive oil instead of almond oil, and I cut back on the amount of bacon: I added two strips of bacon to the pot and left out the remaining slices that the original recipe uses for garnish. I used Herbes de Provence instead of Italian Seasoning, and opted to use vegetable broth. This soup comes together easily and quickly and has incredible flavour. And thanks to the addition of bacon, even my kids love it!


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